#KwaiArtistRQ, 2018

#KwaiArtistRQ (series)-Interactive Buddha, 2018
online short-video (color, sound, 34s)

#KwaiArtistRQ (series)-Exult Like a Phoenix Dance, 2018
online short-video (color, sound, 25s)

#KwaiArtistRQ (series)-Ultimate Balance, 2018
online short-video (color, sound, 56s)

#KwaiArtistRQ (series)-Teaching Basic Knowledge, 2018
online short-video (color, sound, 54s)

#KwaiArtistRQ (series)-Throw a Qing Dynasty Fish Can, 2018
online short-video (color, sound, 20s)

#KwaiArtistRQ (series)-Water Through The Diamond, 2018
online short-video (color, sound, 20s)

#KwaiArtistRQ (series)-Flying Like a Superman, 2018
online short-video (color, sound, 42s)

#KwaiArtistRQ (series)-Soul Torture: Why Choose To Be a Kwai Artist, 2018
online short-video (color, sound, 51s)

#KwaiArtistRQ is a social media label created by the artist on the Chinese short-video platform Kwai(Kwaishou). Through a series of online performances, this work explores the inherent connection between contemporary art and Kwai’s uploaded content. The #KwaiArtistRQ series draws on the typical aesthetics of Internet culture, mixing characters, objects, and spaces in a virtual field. In the limited time of tens of seconds, an anonymous figure was re-performed the representative artist works in contemporary art and the types of short-videos uploaded by Kwai users. These online performances questioned the class conflicts, cultural conflicts and the discourse conflicts in the current short-video media, and proposed to re-evaluate the online identity and community culture of Kwai users.

#KwaiArtistRQ 是一个艺术家在短视频平台-快手创建的标签,通过一系列线上表演来发掘当代艺术与快手用户上传内容之间的内在联系。#KwaiArtistRQ系列借鉴了互联网文化的典型美学,将人物,物体,空间混合在一个虚拟的场域中。在几十秒有限的时间内,以匿名的形象重新表演了当代艺术中具有代表性的艺术家作品和快手用户上传的视频类型。这些在线表演质疑了当下短视频媒介中体现的阶级冲突,文化冲突与话语权冲突,并提出重新评估快手用户的在线身份以及社群文化。

Ruiqi Zhang (b.1994, Liaoyang, China) is an artist. He holds an MFA in Kinetic Imaging from Virginia Commonwealth University school of arts. Ruiqi’s practice conveys interests and concerns about digital culture and the complexities of the contemporary moving image narrative. His film and video installation often address the reflection of surrounding themes, sense of humor, and intellectual fragments. 


Monument Emitter (work in progress)
The Burning Tower
Galaxy Equivalent Parallel Object        
The Guide of Surface Reading
Manifesto: Art Downgrade
Chaotic Sigh
Gazing into the Distance 

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