Galaxy Equivalent Parallel Objects, 2019
银河相当的平行物 (2019)

mixed media, projection screen, custom made blanket, artificial grasses,
HD video (color, sound, 27min)

Galaxy Equivalent Parallel Objects (excerpts), 2019

installation view

installation view

still image from Galaxy Equivalent Parallel Objects, 2019

still image from Galaxy Equivalent Parallel Objects, 2019

Galaxy equivalent parallel objects is a fictional autobiographical film about the artist's artistic concepts, childhood anecdotes, and online identity construction strategies. This work explores the contemporary narrative influenced by mobile technology, that restored the viewing experience of people browsing short-video social media through continuous visual and audio stimulation and ever-changing content editing. Self-portraits from different social media filters, found footage from Kwai, consumer product advertisements, vintage animation loops, and dictated family history are collaged in the film, to challenge people’s ability to read complex information.

Inspired by the article Movies and Objects—Is There an Object-Oriented Film Theory? (电影与物——是否存在一种以物为导向的电影理论?) , this widescreen film exams the decentralized creation method and the unconscious montage. By offering the ostensible intellectual questions and irrelevant answers, the dialogue raises questions about how we build connections among disordered footages, and how short-video social media algorithms imperceptibly shaped our way of watching.



Ruiqi Zhang (b.1994, Liaoyang, China) is an artist. He holds an MFA in Kinetic Imaging from Virginia Commonwealth University school of arts. Ruiqi’s practice conveys interests and concerns about digital culture and the complexities of the contemporary moving image narrative. His film and video installation often address the reflection of surrounding themes, sense of humor, and intellectual fragments. 


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