Chaotic Sigh, 2018
混乱叹息 (2018)

mixed media, LED panels, smartphone, smartphone tripod, LED sign, speakers
multichannel video (color, sound, 4min 49s, 34min 21s)

Still image from Chaotic Sigh, 2018

Still image from Chaotic Sigh, 2018

Still image from Chaotic Sigh, 2018

Still image from Chaotic Sigh, 2018

This project is a mixed-media video installation, which includes, LED panels screen, smartphone, smartphone tripod, and LED sign. Chaotic Sigh (2018), explores a typical trend of the labor force transformation and the attempts of the online community to construct induvial myths in the current northeast of China. With the widespread use of short-video social media by users in this region, the production model has shifted from traditional heavy industry production to the emerging online image production, continually redefining the online identity of individuals and rebuilding the social structures.

The playback timeline in each media screen is looped and out of sync. In the LED panels screen, 13 pieces of poetic short-video restore the grand perspective of myth stories and mimic the narrative influenced by algorithmic language. The smartphone automatically shows the process of searching for terms such as “Narcissism”, “Social Media Filter Bubbles”, and “Information Cocoon”. The content of the LED sign is scrolling text about the landscape of northeast China. By providing complex and interrelated information, the juxtaposition of different media narrates the history, economy, and re-empowered individuals of northeast China.



Ruiqi Zhang (b.1994, Liaoyang, China) is an artist. He holds an MFA in Kinetic Imaging from Virginia Commonwealth University school of arts. Ruiqi’s practice conveys interests and concerns about digital culture and the complexities of the contemporary moving image narrative. His film and video installation often address the reflection of surrounding themes, sense of humor, and intellectual fragments. 


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